World Civilizations: Empire Of Rome
Are you ready to plunge yourself into antique world of Rome’s civilization? Prepare for exciting and breathtaking strategy game with severe ancient battles along with World Civilization: Empire of Rome! Construct the mighty and powerful ancient city with Coliseum for gladiator’s fights, huge villas and palaces; build theatres and temples for population of your Rome Empire! The bigger the population, the larger is your army! Construct iron mines to gain armor, supply warriors with provision by means of grain and animal farms. Increase your war power and conquer all antique world! Domination in the whole world is your goal! Build an incredibly powerful city with a vast population! Bring up finest warriors of Rome and start your conquest! Only you can create so mighty civilization! Do it and lead your legions to the victory!

World Civilization: Empire of Rome is a perfect antique world full of exciting events, difficult tasks and ancient battles with numerous enemies! When your enemies flee the battlefield, show them what it means to die with honor! Construct a city, develop your Rome civilization and lead your legions for glory! The century of World Civilization: Empire of Rome is waiting for a great commander! It’s waiting for you! Engage in the ancient world battle!